Cloud Backup

Never lose your data and reduce downtime in your shop

With the push for online services, electronic data management, and computer based businesses comes an additional need to backup and preserve that data longterm. Just like you would make copies of important invoices and store them in a fireproof safe somewhere offsite, our cloud backup service offers all of the security and all of the convenience you need.


Janco International has partnered with Gillware Data Services, an industry leader in providing off-site backup services to businesses throughout North America. By utilizing their encrypted backup software along with Janco's technical expertise, we developed SpaceDock to provide the following services for your automatic and secure off-site business data backup:
Assist you in the installation of your software
Configure the software for the optimum backup schedule for your business operations and verify that all of your important StockTrac data is backed up.
Monitor your backups on a weekly basis to ensure all critical files and data are being backed up properly.
Assist your business in restoring critical data from SpaceDock offsite backups to a new computer or new storage device in the event of a computer failure or installation of a new PC.
We'll also reconfigure your network computers, printers, switches and modems if needed.