Complete shop management

Clean and intuitive screens allow for fewer mistakes and employees are quicker to adapt to StockTrac. Plenty of interfacing partners allow us to create the most comprehensive point of sale system.

Point of Sale

Easy way to manage all of your vendor purchases and link them to the appropriate customer invoice. Ties into inventory system to help ensure all parts are accounted for.

Vendor Tracking

Manage individual and fleet customers within the same module. Integrate credit limits for fleets and alerts you when any payment is late or missing from fleets or individuals.

Accounts Receiveable

Comprehensive customer database search and report production to use as needed. Optimize customer communication by grouping them for better targeting advertising.


Extensive reporting. Profitability module to track KPIs within your shop. Export data to popular accounting packages such as Quickbooks, Accpac, Simply Accounting.


Supports multiple pay schedules to create a payroll process that works best for you. Use the time clock to take advantage of the tech proficiency reporting. Manage work schedules, shifts, and time off.


Hardware Requirements


Windows Server 2008 or newer
Quad-Core Processor
8 GB of RAM
256Gb Hard Drive (SSD Recommended)
DVD-ROM Drive for Catalogs and Labor Guides
Gigabit Ethernet
Gigabit Router with Gigabit Network Switch
High-Speed Broadband Connection (3 Megabit Minimum)
8GB Flash Drive or greater
‍Online Data Backup Subscription


Windows 7 or newer
Quad-Core Processor
4 GB of RAM
256Gb Hard Drive (SSD Recommended)
Gigabit Network Card