Tire Tools

Manage everything tire related in one place
TireTools aims to simplify your tire management workflow and help you better serve your customers with recommendations, and service. Once you choose as vehicle TireTools uses a database with over 18,000 part numbers to suggest the ideal solution for the given vehicle your customer has. Additionally, the part numbers can be added to your inventory for better tracking, the ability to generate orders, and allow you to monitor your profit margins.  

TireMetrix Products

$35 for 1 service, $55 for both

Does electronic registration of DOT #'s for tires you sell.  Also validates that the DOT  numbers have been entered correctly before transmission and shows you recalls and safety information on that Tire

Shows you the TPMS parts and service data for your selected vehicle.  Also provides troubleshooting information and live support

StockTrac Products

Tire Size $25/month
TireTrac $30/month

Allows you to look up the Tire Size and Fitment information for a vehicle - great for being able to automatically bring the tire size into other parts ordering sites

Includes TireSize plus a list of all manufacturer's tires that fit that vehicle.  This includes features and benefits for each tire along with images to show the customer. Has filters included to allow you to see smaller groups of tires based on different criteria and to see what inventory you have on hand.

Best Deal – Get all Tire Tools for only $65/month!    ($85 value)