Change Log

New features and updates regarding StockTrac

September 30, 2019 Release


Added Master Muffler as a predefined franchise and support for their online appointments

Can now override "LABOR" to whatever you would like the labor part number to be

Expand length of discount names

Added flag to ignore package quantities on incoming warehouse orders

Main Menu

Increased discount description length

Point of Sale

Improved price and availability check in MVConnect

Repair IAP orders in MVConnect - including with alternate locations

Check for existence of MCR part before taking deposit

Now can text appointment reminders

Added a significant speed improvement when creating an order for a large estimate

Allow warehouses to enter vehicles on orders

LABOR part number can be customized

Added button to change item descriptions to upper, lower, or mixed case

Discount descriptions are now 40 characters long

Lookup button on caller id screen wasn't working - now fixed

Part descriptions coming from Nexpart could sometimes be blank

Doing an estimate lookup when creating an appointment didn't bring over the service request info

Add manufacturer name to alternate part selection screen

Added a button on appointments to display all the phone numbers for a customer

Added "To be completed by" to estimate printout if it is filled in on service request tab

Can now setup a script for shop supplies to be printed on invoices/estimates

ProDemand5 - Fixed problem with items not coming through from multiple categories


Added 'Show Out Of Stock Parts' checkbox to catalog

Improved Price & Availability check in MVConnect                                 

IAP orders in MVConnect could return 0 available if ordering from alternate loc  

Fixed 'All Groups' checkbox bugs on Parts & Labor page

Hyperlinks now open in default browser rather than little old IE window 

Shipping Info field no longer displays alternate location info when parts are available at default location


Speed improvement when creating a warehouse order for a large estimate           

Added tire size fields and category prefix to global                             


Billed hours not always set correctly in daily invoice & job summary tables

Tech Proficiency export used the first date of period on each line               

Adding selling price to Buyout Detail report/export                              

Delete posted orders over a year old when closing a month                        


All tire size fields now handle metric sizes